When you first bought your Jaguar, you might have been made aware of the vehicle’s failsafe mode. Failsafe mode is a feature of some advanced vehicles that protects you and your car from catastrophic failure.

While the feature is intended as a safety device, it can be understandably irritating when it seems to trigger randomly, even when your car seems to be running fine. If your failsafe mode light illuminates, our master technicians are here to help you.

What causes failsafe engine mode?

There are two main possibilities when your vehicle’s failsafe engine mode is activated. Either the problem lies with one of the many computer sensor systems within the vehicle or an electrical problem with wiring.

The failsafe mode mechanism is a part of the computer inside your vehicle. The internal computer of your Jaguar monitors and measures many different aspects of how your car functions and operates. That includes your speed, the temperature of your engine, the pressure of your tires, and so on.

Naturally, if one of the many computer monitored aspects of your Jaguar experiences a problem, the computer will activate failsafe mode to alert you to possible danger. The expert design of the failsafe mode aims to keep you and your vehicle safe. When it illuminates, it is your car telling you, “take me to the mechanic.”  While there may be a variety of causes for failsafe mode, the solution is always the same. Bring the vehicle into the shop.

Electrical failure

Another possibility to consider if your Jaguar’s failsafe engine light is on is an electrical fault or failure. As helpful as the computers inside your car can be, it is possible for them to break, like anything else. As the saying goes, to err is human, but to really mess up, you’ll need a computer. If your car’s computer receives inadequate or irregular power, it is sure to malfunction, leading to more significant issues.

An electrical malfunction like this is often caused by a simple issue like a blown fuse or a damaged wire. While the fault itself may seem safe to drive with, it is never safe to drive in failsafe mode. Bring your vehicle in right away to see our master technicians.

What does failsafe mode actually do?

Failsafe mode will not prevent your vehicle from being driven, but it will lock the transmission. By locking your transmission, failsafe mode aims to prevent any distance driving or driving at high speed. You can still move your car into a mechanic bay or across a street, for instance. You can still drive a car in failsafe engine mode in theory, but you absolutely should not do so for long. Not only are you prevented from switching gears, but your car may experience issues with braking, turning, or other essential functions.

If your car is in failsafe mode or is going back and forth between failsafe mode and normal, you must only drive your vehicle as necessary to get it to a repair shop. While the underlying problem may not be serious, once activated, failsafe mode constitutes a serious drivability issue and cannot be ignored.

A Jaguar in failsafe mode needs a master technician with experience in luxury European imports. Remember that your car, while powerful, is still a delicate instrument and deserves tender care to continue to function safely and reliably. Take care of your Jaguar and it will take care of you.

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* Jaguar F-Pace Car image credit goes to: YuriyVlasenko.

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