Airbags are indispensable safety components in any type of vehicle, including your Land Rover. They’re devices that are developed to be deployed in the event of a collision to give drivers and other passengers a better chance of survival. However, just as any other part in your vehicle might fail, airbags can too. You need to become aware of the signs that could indicate a problem with your Land Rover’s airbag system as it is a major safety feature while you are on the road.

Signs That Your Airbag Is Not In Good Condition

  • Dashboard Warning Light: The illumination of airbag warning light on the dashboard is a telltale sign that the airbag system is either faulty or inefficient. This caution light is displayed as a person who is sitting with his/her seatbelt on and an inflated airbag in front of him. If this light comes on when you are driving, it implies that there is a serious issue that should be fixed immediately. Failure to fix this problem can cause airbag deployment faults leaving you and your passengers in danger during a collision. Alternatively, it could lead to the airbag deploying while you are driving and it is not needed, which can also create a dangerous situation.
  • Unusual Sounds: Strange vibrations or sounds coming from the steering wheel and/or dashboard could be a sign of malfunction of the airbag system’s sensors or deployment mechanism. You might hear a buzzing, clicking, or irregular rattling type of sound. Don’t ignore these sounds — they might be an indicator of issues with the deployment mechanisms.
  • Sensitive Deployment: If the airbags in your Land Rover are deployed when they were not supposed to or they deploy with very little force, it means there is a problem in the sensors. Such sensitivity could be dangerous as it might lead to the airbags deploying unnecessarily which can result in injuries to you and your passengers. If your airbags ever deploy randomly, take your vehicle to a mechanic immediately so that they can fix the problem and get the airbags to function properly in case of an accident.
  • Non-Deployment: If airbags don’t deploy during a collision, it means the system is not functioning properly. This is a serious issue as the airbags cannot perform their main role of protecting the passengers and driver in case of accidents. As soon as you notice this non-deployment issue, you have to get your Land Rover examined by a competent mechanic to find out the reason why the fault occurred.
  • Visible Damage: Another way you can know if the airbag is about to fail or has failed is by carrying out a visual inspection. If you come across any dent or damage to the cover of the airbags or steering wheel, it could translate to a problem in the airbag components. Do not ignore these obvious signals because any damage to the airbag components will affect the airbag’s effectiveness and increase the risk of injury during an accident.

What Should You Do When The Airbag Fails?

If airbag failures are noticed, they should be addressed right away. Even if you happen to be a do-it-yourself expert, these car safety issues should not be attended to by you. Allow a certified mechanic or automotive technician to perform a detailed inspection of your vehicle’s airbag system. A quick response to this issue can help ensure that the airbags work properly.

Where Should You Go For Land Rover Airbag Repairs?

Euroservice Automotive in Warrenton, VA, is Land Rover Airbag Repair the go-to place if you want to get the best service and care for luxury European cars like your Land Rover. Our ASE-certified mechanics know how to deal with different makes and models of cars, making sure that your car’s performance is optimized. We have the latest factory-grade tools & equipment in our shop so that we can detect problems such as airbag faults with pinpoint accuracy.

It is advisable to contact a mechanic if you notice any strange behavior from your airbag system. We are here to serve the Land Rover drivers from Bristow, Gainesville, Haymarket, Manassas, and Warrenton, VA. Schedule your next appointment online today and our technicians will get your Land Rover back on the road safely.

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