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With its rich history, Manassas is a charming place to be, whether as a resident or a tourist. This beautiful city never runs out of beautiful places to see and enjoy. Having a well-functioning car to get around can help reduce the stress of going about your business in Manassas.

European vehicle models are popular among the residents of Manassas, thanks to their excellent performance and comfortable road handling. With good maintenance and servicing, these European vehicle vehicles make touring the streets enjoyable. But proper service for your car plays a large part in enjoying its’ features the way they were made to be. At EuroService Automotive, our technicians make it easier than ever for Manassas area drivers to get the high-quality service their European car needs.

Your European Auto Experts

At EuroService Automotive, we have experience in providing maintenance and services to the best European vehicles including all models:

By focusing on these brands, our team of ASE certified technicians is able to use extensive knowledge of foreign brands to ensure that European model owners in Manassas get only the best services.

Our Quality Services

European vehicle models need very specialized care as recommended by their manufacturers. This is why we have a team of ASE certified technicians who are familiar with these specialized requirements.

What’s more, we have the latest technology and equipment necessary to run the correct diagnostics on your European model. Our services offered include:

At EuroService Automotive, we provide high-quality repairs and replacement parts at an affordable rate, which may not be the case with most European import dealerships. From us, you can be sure that any replacements that we make on any part of your car are up to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This will help to ensure that you continue to enjoy quality rides in and around Manassas.

Visit Our Shop Today

If you own a European car in Manassas and you’re having car trouble, EuroService Automotive is the right place for you. We are also proud to be the go-to shop for surrounding communities and cities including:

We are eager to make any repairs necessary to keep your car in top condition, and we can put your vehicle on a manufacturer’s maintenance plan to ensure you get the most out of your car.

Give us a call as soon as you have any trouble, or you feel it is time for routine maintenance. Our team of experienced technicians will run a comprehensive diagnosis of your car and discuss a plan with you that fits your budget and needs. We look forward to working with you!

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