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It’s unfortunate but true that we often neglect our suspension system. We focus on the oil changes or the tires but don’t consider that this critical system supports so much of our vehicle. The suspension protects our car from many serious issues, but after many years of wear and tear, it’s possible that you may need suspension repair.

When you need your vehicle to return to a smoother ride with better control, you need to have your suspension system inspected by professionals. EuroService Automotive is the best place for you, as we are experts in European models and offer excellent services to clients all throughout the Warrenton area.

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At EuroService Automotive, we are a locally-owned shop with a passion for maintaining and repairing European vehicles. We service all models of:
Our professionally-trained & ASE certified technicians offer international excellence and the highest level of integrity. We’re not just your average commercialized dealership. Our diagnostics are made using the latest technological upgrades and the most top-notch pieces of equipment. We use the best to provide the best for your luxury vehicle. Together, our technicians have over ten decades combined of experience, knowledge, and automotive passion. You can be confident when your vehicle is in our hands.
European Auto Suspension Repair

Common Signs of Suspension Issues

The suspension system of our car takes a huge load. It does more than we give it credit for, so when things begin to go wrong, there are some clear signs that it’s time to get it checked. Here are some signs that you might need suspension repair.

Signs of suspension problems:

  • The car dips, “nose dives” when you stop. It feels like the vehicle lurches forward and downward if you apply the brakes firmly.
  • You drift when turning. The shocks aren’t keeping your car body stable.
  • There are uneven tire treads.
  • The ride is rougher.
  • The shocks and struts under your vehicle look greasy or oily.

If you notice these signs or have other questions about your suspension, it’s time to come over to an expert to get your vehicle checked.

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