The clutch is an integral part of all manual vehicles, and it plays a vital role in engine functionality. A clutch in good condition is essential for the smooth operations of your BMW, as it guides the way you shift between gears by separating the engines from the wheels.

When the clutch is in good condition, changes between gears are swift and easy. However, if your BMW’s clutch fails, the gear could remain stuck in a particular gear, making acceleration slower than expected. If it’s stuck in reverse, your commute just came to an abrupt halt.

Driving in a BMW vehicle with a faulty clutch is risky. Not only does it endanger your life, but it also causes further damage to other parts of your BMW, like the gearbox and engine. Hence, as a driver, try to notice the signs of a failing clutch so you can take necessary actions towards repairing or replacing it when you begin to suspect a problem.

Let’s look at the causes of clutch failure, the warning signs, and the best place to go to fix a failed clutch in your BMW.

Common Causes of Clutch Failure

  • Bent clutch linkage
  • Binding or rusted cable binding that needs adjustments
  • Wear and tear in pressure plates
  • A failing motor mount
  • Oil spill on the clutch assembly from leaking engine

Warning Signs of Clutch Failure

The clutch of your BMW is made of various parts. When a part malfunctions, it can cause disarray in the whole transmission. The flywheel and pressure plate are parts of a clutch that is most susceptible to wear and tear due to ageing. Therefore, always be on the lookout for any of the signs listed below:

  • Noises from the clutch: The clutch shouldn’t make any sound when shifting gears. If it does, then it is a clear indication of damage. The only sound you should hear from your clutch is the smooth release of air when you press down on the clutch pedal. Any other cracking, clucking, or stiff noise is a sign of damage that requires immediate repair.
  • Gear shifting issues: As mentioned earlier, when your gear refuses to shift down or up, it means your clutch is deteriorating and requires technical attention.
  • General feel of the clutch: A failing clutch is usually sticky, stuck, or loose. It may vibrate through the pedal. Have it checked by our BMW experts immediately if you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms while engaging your clutch.
  • Poor acceleration: In revving your BMW engine, if you experience poor acceleration, it is a sign of a failing clutch. This sign can also be a result of other underlying issues. So, contact an expert to examine it before concluding that it is a clutch problem.
  • Repairing a failed clutch: If you ignore the clutch of your BMW early enough, it might cause further damage. Hence, carry out routine maintenance checks to ensure that it is always in a suitable condition.

Also, avoid trying to save costs by fixing it yourself. Using Google or DIY YouTube to diagnose and repair damages in your clutch will only result in more damage to the clutch. To avoid irreparable damage to the clutch system, you need the service of expert technicians.

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