Volkswagens are some of the most recognizable cars on the road. They have a long-standing reputation of being efficient and reliable, which is possible due to adhering to the regularly-scheduled maintenance prescribed to your car.

Your recommended maintenance schedule can be found in the owner’s manual of your car. This was created by Volkswagen designers to ensure your car runs as efficiently as possible, tailored to each model.

Without regularly-scheduled servicing, the quality of your car will decrease. Keeping up with your Volkswagen is an important part of owning this dependable car brand, and it is important to not forget to service your parts and systems on time. Even though taking your car into a garage can be cumbersome and feel like a waste of your time, it will be worth it when your car continues to run smoothly over the years and you are spared sudden, costly repairs.

Your VW Service Schedule

A general rule of thumb for Volkswagen services is that your car’s service schedule should be divided between every 10,000 miles. After the first 10,000 miles, you should receive an oil change, oil filter change, and a brake pad inspection.

The next services at 20,000 and 40,000 miles will be a little more in depth, including things like an oil change but also adding features such as TPMS inspection, wiper blade checks, and brake fluid checks.

Some other things that will be inspected include the timing belt, the fuel pump, the window regulators, and of course anything that could lead to the check engine light being on. This can include the ignition coils, fuel injectors, catalytic converter, or the exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR). Problems with any of these are easy fixes for a trained mechanic that specializes in Volkswagens.

The best way to accurately know when your car should be serviced is to read your Volkswagen’s owner’s manual. Every model will require different needs, so it is important for you to know exactly what your car requires.

It is important to take your Volkswagen somewhere reputable for its services. You want a garage that uses genuine Volkswagen parts instead of random generic parts to make sure that your car continues to run smoothly.

Prevention and Maintenance

Volkswagens can run for hundreds of thousands of miles when serviced regularly, as they are extremely reliable cars. Following your Volkswagen’s factory maintenance will ensure a lower total cost of maintenance for your VW, allowing you to take advantage of its affordability.

Some Volkswagen owners will complain about certain issues with their vehicles that could’ve been easily prevented with regularly-scheduled maintenance. Ignoring the factory-recommended maintenance can unnecessarily cost both your time and money.

The best form of prevention is to make sure that your car is continuously serviced as recommended by your Volkswagen owner’s manual. This will prevent any major issues from occurring with your car and will consistently keep you updated on the state of your vehicle.

Euroservice Automotive: Your Volkswagen Experts

The experts at Euroservice Automotive are highly trained in the Volkswagen Volkswagen Factory Maintenance brand and will treat your car with the utmost care. We know how to handle all problems Volkswagen owners face and guarantee a proper diagnostic test, inspection, and repair each time you come in with car issues.

Even when you do follow your Volkswagen’s factory-maintenance recommendations, it is possible that you may still have problems with your car if you don’t go to a proper technician. Some shops use low-quality materials when they service and replace components in your car. This can only make the problems you’re having with your VW worse.

At Euroservice Automotive, we can assure you that only the highest-quality materials are being used in your vehicle. Our technicians are also experts in your car’s make and model and know exactly what needs to be done to have your car running in top shape.

We proudly serve the Bristow, Gainesville, Haymarket, Manassas, and Warrenton, VA areas. We would love the opportunity to introduce you to our specially-trained technicians and earn your repeat business. Call us today to make a convenient appointment with our expert technicians at Euroservice Automotive. We look forward to providing you with expert care for your Volkswagen for years to come.

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