The PCV valve is a vital component located on top of the engine between your Mini’s crankcase and intake manifold. PCV is an acronym for Positive Crankshaft Ventilation. It is a valve that maintains and regulates the flow of air and internal pressure in the engine.

The valve is a small black diaphragm that drivers overlook, but it has the capacity to render your vehicle useless when it breaks down. This is why we always recommend proper maintenance and if need be replacement in due time.

Watch for These Signs

If the PCV of your Mini starts failing, its performance will drop, and your driving experience will also be affected. The good news is that when the PCV valve of your vehicle stops working, your car will give you some signs, including:

The check engine light is on

The check engine light is the most important warning light on the dashboard of your Mini. Whenever any part of the engine encounters any fault, the check engine light will come on to notify the driver of the fault. If you notice that the check engine light of your Mini has illuminated, have a Mini specialist examine your vehicle for proper diagnosis of the issue.

Rough idling

When the PCV valve of your Mini becomes faulty, your car will begin to idle roughly. You will notice your Mini’s engine behaving erratically when you are driving. Also, the RPMs will get higher than normal even without any command to accelerate from you. When you notice that your Mini is idling roughly, you should report the signs to a Mini Specialist and have the PCV valve fixed or replaced.

Imbalance in the air-to-fuel ratio

As often as not, the symptoms of a failing PCV mimic the symptoms of a faulty intake manifold. One of such similar symptoms is the formation of the lean mixture due to an imbalance in the air-to-fuel ratio.

The ratio of air and fuel in the engine of your Mini is supposed to be mixed in an extremely precise proportion. However, a faulty PCV valve can result in an imbalance in the mixture. When this occurs, you will notice that the smoke from the exhaust of your Mini is thick, foggy, and gray. Because faulty intake manifolds can cause the imbalance too, your Mini will need to be examined by a specialist before concluding on the cause.

Misfiring engines

The PCV valve in your Mini is supposed to regulate the internal pressure in the cylinders located in the engine. When the valve becomes faulty, the pressure in some cylinders might increase and cause it to become lacking in power. When this happens, the engine will misfire. You will notice vibrations in the steering wheel of your Mini, and your car will idle roughly.

Rough acceleration

Your Mini is a sporty vehicle that is supposed to have smooth and punchy acceleration on the road. However, when the PCV valve becomes faulty, the acceleration capacity is impaired. You will notice that your Mini accelerates roughly at both high and low RPMs. The overall performance of your vehicle will drop, and driving becomes a chore. An immediate replacement of the PCV valve by a Mini expert will solve the issue if this is the culprit.

Reduced fuel efficiency

Because the PCV valve regulates the pressure in the cylinders, when it becomes faulty, some of the cylinders will stop working. When some of these cylinders don’t produce power, the engine will work overtime to make up for the loss in function and cause your car to consume more gas than required.

Euroservice Automotive Will Fix a Faulty PCV Valve in Your Mini

The PCV valve is a critical component in your Mini MINI PCV Valve Check and should be treated as such when repairing and maintaining it. If you live in and around Warrenton, VA, the best place to repair and maintain your Mini is Euroservice Automotive.

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