A Land Rover’s water pump is often the least discussed, yet one of the most important components for its best performance. After all, the moment this piece stops functioning, everything within your Land Rover goes haywire — giving rise to multiple problems. There are several signs you can look for that may indicate it’s time to replace your car’s water pump.

Signs of Water Pump Failure

Coolant Leakage

The first prominent sign associated with a failing water pump is coolant leakage. This is a major problem considering this important fluid is responsible for cooling the engine by absorbing excess heat produced during the combustion process. The water pump plays a crucial role in the circulation of the coolant throughout the engine. By maintaining an optimal temperature throughout, the engine is able to function correctly. If it’s not functioning right, coolant leaks and your engine is at risk. Make sure to inspect the water pump gasket and shaft whenever you’re experiencing a leak in your Land Rover.

Engine Overheating

Engines are the hearts of our cars. Meaning they require optimal condition for effective functioning and longevity. A majority of the time, you’ll notice your engine overheating is intricately tied to the engine’s coolant circulation system. If this fails, the temperature of your motor will rapidly increase. At times, the water pump propeller may get damaged from debris — causing it to spring a leak. Furthermore, the pump may have developed an air pocket that can also hamper the smooth flow of coolant throughout the engine. When in doubt, bring your Land Rover in the moment you see the temperature gauge rise. We’ll quickly and efficiently diagnose the source of the problem, and initiate remedial actions.

Unusual Sounds

Except for the roar of the engine when you step on the gas, you should never hear anything unusual coming from under the hood of your luxury car. However, with a malfunctioning water pump, a Land Rover’s driving capability won’t remain the same. You’ll experience a squealing and chirping noise from under your hood. Keep an ear out for any strange sounds! Need a second opinion? Bring it in to us today!

White Smoke

When the water pump is leaking, it’s evident in the form of liquid dripping and white smoke emerging. This happens when the coolant comes in contact with the hot engine parts. If you see any steam or smoke coming out from under your Land Rover’s hood, stop driving immediately. This is a fire hazard that needs to be dealt with cautiously. Get in touch with a professional mechanic to tackle the problem. Our expert team will walk you through what to do and be available for repairs.

Water Pump Replacement

The problems associated with water pump malfunctions Land Rover Water Pump Replacement are very complex in nature and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Are you struggling with a coolant leakage or an overheating engine? In order to prevent causing more damage, contact a certified mechanic to get your water pump replacement today!

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