Jaguar is a reputable luxury car brand that boasts elegant designs with top-notch performance. They can have mechanical issues and failures, such as a differential failure.

The differential is a mechanical gear with connecting shafts that rotate in opposite directions simultaneously. The differential’s movements allow vehicles like the Jaguar to make smooth turns by allowing the outer drive wheel to spin much quicker than the inner drive wheel. The driveshaft’s rotational speed becomes the average rotation speed of the two distinct wheels when the inner and outer drive wheels rotate at different speeds.

The differential makes turning easier and guarantees that the traction in the wheels is sufficient during the turning process, allowing the wheels to stay in contact with the road surface. As a result, when the differential breaks, the Jaguar becomes dangerous to drive for both passengers and other drivers on the road.

The Rear Differential’s Function

Most Jaguars have an independent rear suspension with a limited-slip differential except for current models. Because rear differentials are actively working with every turn you take, they require frequent maintenance to stay in good operating order. This routine maintenance extends the life of the differential and improves its performance.

Causes of Differential Failure

  • Wear and tear: Gears with toothed surfaces grind against each other constantly in the differential. As a result, the gears are more likely to wear out owing to friction over time. When teeth wear out, they can no longer rotate appropriately because they can no longer fit into each other.
  • Poor lubrication: The pinion gear teeth will wear out significantly faster if the gears are not properly lubricated. Due to a lack of lubrication, the pinion gear might quickly crack. Moreover, the gears will wear out faster if the lubricating oil used to decrease friction between the pinion gear teeth becomes contaminated. Worn-out lubricants can cause the same differential issues.
  • Differential Gasket Failure: The differential gasket prevents vital differential oil leakage. The various gaskets might become worn down over time, and their seal can crack or slacken, enabling oil to flow out of the system. The gaskets must be replaced if this occurs.

Signs of Differential Failure in Jaguar

Because of the crucial role that the differential plays in connection with the transmission, it would be impossible not to notice if it failed. When your Jaguar’s differential fails, you’ll notice the following symptoms right away:

  • Unusual Noises from the Differential: Because the pinion gear teeth are striking irregularly against each other when the differential in your Jaguar starts to fail, you will hear whining noises emanating from the car while you drive. This will be especially noticeable if the differential failure is due to a lack of lubrication. When the car speeds, the noises will become more noticeable.
  • Vehicle Slipping While Driving: When negotiating corners, slippage will be felt because the differential will not keep traction in the wheels if it fails. The wheels will begin to slip to one side, which can be extremely dangerous in the long term.

Euro Service Automotive Will Repair Your Jaguar’s Differential Problems

It is best to seek the help of a professional mechanic if you ever notice the symptoms of differential failure. Jaguar Differential Repair Our ASE certified mechanics at EuroService Automotive understand that each make and model has its own set of service requirements for optimal operation. We also provide our customers with ASE certified advanced level diagnosticians and specialists so that you get an honest diagnosis.

You can rely on our experience, ethics, and skill when you choose EuroService Automotive to have the job done right the first time for your car. Our care and attention to detail will ensure no service goes rushed or overlooked while getting you back on the road faster than the dealerships.

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* Jaguar F-Type Car image credit goes to: jetcityimage.

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