Jaguar is a high-end European vehicle that has sophisticated engineering and aesthetic looks. This vehicle is designed to give drivers a smooth and luxurious ride. Any fault that is developed in a performance-oriented and powerful vehicle like the Jaguar might be a reason for concern.

There are several components and systems working together behind the hood to produce the power needed to make your Jaguar function well. Any of these parts may develop problems, and if they do, you should take the vehicle to a competent shop as soon as possible.

One likely difficulty you may experience as a Jaguar car owner is the failure of the thermostat housing, and when this part has issues, you must ensure that the problem is addressed immediately. Never attempt to fix this problem yourself because the component is located under the hood. Trying to do this yourself might lead to other complications in your Jaguar. Call the attention of a trusted mechanic and let them diagnose and fix the issue.

What are the functions of the thermostat housing?

Your engine runs on a series of combustion that propels the piston in the cylinder. This movement is transformed into power and supplied to the wheels, resulting in the amazing performance you see as your vehicle moves. All of this, however, would be impossible without the thermostat and its housing.

Your Jaguar’s engine usually becomes very hot when combustion occurs under the hood. To prevent the engine from overheating, your Jaguar’s thermostat senses the high temperature and periodically opens a valve, allowing coolant to circulate through the engine. The coolant’s duty is to absorb the heat produced by the engine and direct it to the radiator so that it can be cooled by air coming through the grill.

The coolant is then returned to its original storage compartment until it is required to cool the engine again. The thermostat is the component that informs the coolant of excessive heat. Without the thermostat, the coolant would have no way of knowing when to go cool the engine. The thermostat housing, on the other hand, is the door that permits the passage of the coolant.

The thermostat in your Jaguar measures engine temperature and informs the housing to open or release coolant. Even though the thermostat itself is signaling the housing unit to open, if the thermostat housing has issues, the valve will not open, and coolant will not flow through it.

How to Identify a Failed Thermostat Housing

A thermostat housing issue is a serious matter that should be addressed as quickly as possible. Recognizing some of the symptoms of a failing thermostat housing would help in keeping your Jaguar functional and safe. Keep an eye out for the following indicators and bring your vehicle in for repairs if you see any of these signs:

  • Engine temperatures are high: Your Jaguar’s dashboard has a temperature gauge that displays the engine’s temperature. If the thermostat or the housing unit is working correctly, this gauge should not move much. If there is an issue, you will see the gauge moving toward the red zone to show that it is overheating.
  • Leaking Coolant: Because the thermostat housing prevents coolant from accessing the engine, you may observe green coolant pouring on the floor if there is a problem in the thermostat housing unit. Alternatively, look under the hood to see if coolant has accumulated.
  • Erratic Temperature Change: Check to see whether your engine’s temperature is inconsistent or erratic. The valve of the thermostat housing unit might fluctuate and allow coolant to flow through the engine when it is not needed. This will cause significant temperature variations on the dial.

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