No Audi owner likes it when their car begins to show signs of a problem. Any time you suspect something is going on with your Audi’s transmission that is detrimental to its performance, it’s worth bringing it to our technicians to check it out. If you’re skeptical about bringing in your Audi for a transmission check, read on for more information.

Your transmission is an integral component of your drivetrain system. Whether it’s manual or automatic, you’ll need a fully-functioning transmission to get around town in your Audi. That’s why it’s essential to understand all the possible signs that your Audi needs transmission service. Below is a comprehensive group of signs that your Audi’s transmission needs help.

Unusual Sounds

Strange noises coming from your transmission while shifting gears are a clear sign that something is wrong. Harsh screeching, metallic clanking, and buzzing noises are indications of unusual operation. Transmissions should function quietly and seamlessly. Always bring your Audi in for an inspection by qualified mechanics whenever you hear it emitting odd sounds.

Fluid Pooling

Your Audi’s transmission system is lubricated with synthetic fluids to prolong its lifespan. Sometimes, cracks or holes in the transmission case can occur, resulting in fluid leaking and pooling underneath your car. Be on the lookout for red pools of liquid leftover on your driveway or parking space.

The Scent of Burned Lubricant

Like we mentioned before, transmission systems are full of fluid that runs throughout the gears. These fluids heat up and “cook” as your Audi’s transmission case functions. Over time, transmission fluid will deteriorate and char, giving off a burned rubber scent. You might even notice smoke coming out from underneath your Audi.

Difficulty Shifting

Shifting gears with a faulty transmission case won’t be smooth. You might struggle to shift up or down and notice you’re putting much more force into moving the stick shift. For manual cars, this will be more noticeable compared to automatic vehicles. If you drive an automatic, then you’ll notice your vehicle taking much longer to shift gears and lagging in lower RPMs. Both transmission types are susceptible to many problems with shifting, so bring your Audi into our knowledgeable mechanics who understand your situation.

Shaking and Jerking

Fluids that have aged and deteriorated into a thick sludge will have more effects than just smoke and a burning smell. Shifting gears or idling in neutral can result in shaking or jerking while driving. Sudden stuttering or “slipping” when reaching higher rev-ranges also places you in danger of an accident. That’s why it’s crucial to have a technician drain and replace charred transfer case fluid as soon as possible.

Unable to Shift Into Gear

This is the worst outcome your Audi’s transmission can suffer. Total transmission system failure will make it impossible to put your car in gear. You’ll be stranded without a working vehicle until you can have a mechanic service your car.

Check Engine Lamp

Your transmission completes the link between your engine and drivetrain system. Transmissions malfunctioning have an immediate effect on your Audi’s engine system, resulting in a check engine lamp on your dash. However, a check engine lamp can mean more than just a faulty transmission, so hire a trained professional to diagnose any problems with your Audi’s engine.

All these issues present opportunities to bring your car in and have its transmission checked. Allowing for one or more of these issues to go unchecked can have dangerous consequences. You and your Audi can end up in a severe accident, costing you much more in bills than a simple transmission change would. It’s vital that you turn to industry-certified mechanics to solve all your transmission system issues.

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