Land Rover’s models have changed over the years to incorporate more innovative technology with the intent of creating a more luxurious driving experience. One of the most desired features of the Land Rover is its ability to travel on some of the most rugged terrain and still deliver a smooth driving experience. This smooth drive is due to the Land Rover’s air suspension system, a new and more complex suspension system that utilizes a computing system to adjust the air pressure and vehicle’s height according to what kind of terrain the vehicle is driving on.

While the air suspension system provides a more luxurious driving experience, its complexity puts it at higher risk of mechanical issues. If any component fails, the whole system fails, and if the issue is not addressed immediately, other parts may wear or break as well, which can add up to a costly amount of replacements.

Signs and Symptoms of Air Suspension Failure in Land Rover

You need to have your Land Rover’s air suspensions system inspected as soon as possible if you notice any of the following signs while driving your vehicle:

  • Sagging or Lower Sitting Appearance: Your vehicle may look or feel like it is sagging to one side, whether it is the driver’s side, passenger side, front, or back of the vehicle. It may also appear as though it is altogether sitting lower to the ground than usual.
  • Dashboard Warning Light: If the air suspension system fails, a light may appear on your dashboard reading for an Electronic Air Suspension fault: “EAS FAULT.”
  • Hissing Noise: If there is a leak in the air suspension system, you may hear the air leaking and it will make a hissing sound.
  • Rougher Ride: Since the air suspension system is intended to absorb most of the shock of driving on rough terrain, you will experience a rougher drive if the system fails. Pay attention to whether or not your drive feels bumpier than usual.
  • Whining, Clicking, or Grinding Sounds: This could indicate that a component of the air suspension system is failing or broken and not able to carry out its function.

Causes of Air Suspension Failure in Land Rover

With a number of different mechanical parts, the complex air suspension system can fail as the result of a variety of different issues. Some of the most common causes of an air suspension failure include:

  • Air Leak in One or More Air Struts: Leaks are fairly common, and can lead to bigger issues if not addressed, because it puts added stress on the air compressor. If serviced immediately, you may just need to replace the air struts, but if ignored, the air compressor may fail as well and then the whole air suspension system may need to be replaced.
  • Damaged Air Bag: Similar to air struts, air bags can develop leaks over time or even blow out all at once if they are accidentally pierced. This issue can also cause the air compressor to work extra hard.
  • Faulty Air Suspension Sensors: Harsh weather may damage the air suspension sensors. In addition, sensors may become disconnected or fail after being overworked. When the sensors fail, it can make it impossible to level your vehicle.
  • Worn Air Compressor: Over time, the air compressor can become worn out and pump slower and slower. Eventually, this will result in an error message on your vehicle’s dashboard.
  • Failing Valve Block: After a while, the valve block may begin to leak or fail to shut off air flow altogether.
  • Malfunctioning Electronic Control Unit. The electronic control unit may malfunction and incorrectly regular the whole air suspension system.
  • Worn Air Springs. The rubber on the air springs may deteriorate overtime, and leave holes from which air can leak.

Euroservice Automotive Keeps Your Land Rover in Top Condition

If you are experiencing air suspension problems in your Land Rover, you will want to have your vehicle serviced immediately to try and avoid having to Land Rover Electronic Control Unit Check replace the whole system. The best way to avoid air suspension system failure is to schedule regular maintenance and tune-ups for your vehicle.

At Euroservice Automotive, our ASE-certified technicians are experienced in servicing and repairing Land Rovers. We can provide you and your vehicle with high-quality service that is guaranteed under our 24-month/24,000-mile warranty.

Euroservice Automotive is located in Warrenton, VA and services vehicles from Warrenton, Bristow, Gainesville, Haymarket, and Manassas, VA. If you are in the area, and your Land Rover needs an inspection, maintenance, or repair, bring it to Euroservice Automotive today and we will get your car back on the road safely.

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