The award-winning Land Rover incorporates a number of excellent usability features. The vehicle’s exceptional off-road capabilities are complemented by advanced technological features to provide the driver with the maximum level of comfort. You receive unparalleled luxury, reliability, and durability when you own a Land Rover.

Featuring an innovative multimedia system that provides a unique driving experience, the Land Rover in-dash infotainment system is built specifically for the comfort and convenience of the driver. By combining intelligent voice recognition with responsive touchscreen technology, Land Rover’s infotainment systems are able to provide easy access to entertainment media, alerts, navigation maps, and other connectivity functions.

Land Rover owners are easily accustomed to all these features due to their ease of access. It is also possible for your Land Rover’s infotainment system to malfunction, which can be incredibly frustrating as well as extremely dangerous for the driver. It is therefore important to get your car fixed when you notice any malfunction in its infotainment system features.

Infotainment System Features in Land Rovers

Your Land Rover offers a series of entertainment and user-friendly features that will allow you to enjoy your trip both comfortably and safely. Land Rovers typically come equipped with the following infotainment systems:

  • Touch Screen Display: The touch screen is the main interface of your Land Rover’s infotainment system, usually made of a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) or thin film transistor (TFT). In addition to providing access to other devices, it also displays graphics.
  • Rear Camera: The monitor also allows you to see what is behind you in the dark when it’s difficult to see. If you’re about to hit something, your Land Rover’s rear camera displays a trajectory line and red marks.
  • Connecting your phone: The use of your cell phone while driving should not be a concern. Your phone can be integrated into the infotainment system of the Land Rover, depending on its model, allowing you to utilize your phone freely while both hands are on the wheel.
  • Voice Command: There are voice command features available on the newer models of Land Rover. Consequently, you won’t have to touch your phone or look at it at all when making or receiving calls.
  • Wireless connectivity using Bluetooth: Through this connection, you will be able to use your favorite navigation apps, music apps, and other apps on your Android or Apple device without any difficulty.
  • GPS navigation: Land Rover has an integrated visual navigation system in its infotainment system to help you get to your destination.

Signs of Your Land Rover’s Malfunctioning Infotainment System

The following warning signs indicate a malfunctioning infotainment system in your Land Rover:

  • Incompatible software: Keeping the software of your vehicle’s infotainment system up-to-date will ensure that it continues to function properly. Just like a smart device or smartphone, the infotainment system requires regular updating to remain functional. Land Rovers’ infotainment systems are regularly updated, so it makes sense that yours should be as well. Regularly updating your infotainment system will ensure that it runs more smoothly.
  • Failed electrical system: You should regularly check your vehicle’s cable and electrical system to ensure that it is functioning properly. The cable and electrical system can cause problems that affect all aspects of your vehicle, including the infotainment system.
  • Glitches: A common occurrence in infotainment systems is the occurrence of glitches. Most manufacturers overlook minor system glitches that occur as a result of minor problems. Having a malfunctioning infotainment system or one that fails to function altogether as a result of any system glitch will result in problems with your vehicle. If you notice any problem with your SUV’s infotainment system, you need a professional to check, repair or maintain your vehicle.

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