Over the years, Audis have remained relevant in the automobile industry because they have continued to provide high-quality vehicles for users, but one of the faults that many Audi owners encounter is the faulty oxygen sensors. These are also called O2 sensors.

An O2 sensor is located in the exhaust system. This sensor measures the oxygen levels after the combustion process. By measuring these levels, the engine receives constant alerts of the fuel-to-air ratio in the present condition. If there isn’t’ enough oxygen, it sends the information to the computer to change the ratio, thereby allowing your vehicle to burn fuel more efficiently for the best engine performance.

Symptoms of Faulty Oxygen Sensors

Your Audi might have more than one sensor, depending on the model. The number of oxygen sensors is mainly dependent on the number of exhaust pipes your car possesses. However, if the oxygen sensor of your Audi develops any fault, your vehicle’s performance will drop drastically, and driving will become less fun.

You will want to be proactive by looking out for the signs of faulty oxygen sensors in your Audi. This way, you can have them replaced when they begin to show signs of degradation and breakdown. Watch for these warning signs below:

Your Check Engine Light is On

If the check engine light on the dashboard of your Audi is on, a myriad of reasons might be responsible, and a faulty oxygen sensor is one of them. The oxygen sensor is an integral part of the internal combustion system. Hence, whenever it becomes defective, the engine will react by illuminating its light to indicate something is wrong.

Mind you, when the check engine light comes on, it is not in your place to conclude that the fault is from the oxygen sensor unless you’re a mechanic. If you’re not, bring your car to our Audi specialist for complete inspection and diagnosis.

A Significant Drop in Overall Performance

The overall performance of your Audi drops when the oxygen sensor starts failing. You would notice the drop in performance in the way your car stalls when you try starting it, the way it jerks while in motion, and sometimes in how it won’t start at all. The engine is the powerhouse of all automobiles. Driving in a car with a faulty engine can be frustrating.

Poor Fuel Economy

Audi’s are designed to help you save costs by minimizing fuel use. When the oxygen sensor develops a fault, your engine will use up more fuel than it should because it is not getting enough air. When it happens, you will start buying gas more often than usual.

Preventive Maintenance of Your Audi

The best way to avoid oxygen sensor failure is through regular preventive maintenance of your Audi. The oxygen sensor is prone to wear and tear. This is why it needs to be replaced after a specific timeframe. Usually, it is recommended to replace the oxygen sensors after driving between 60,000 and 70,000 miles.

Although it can fail faster and wreak havoc, the timeframe mentioned above serves as merely a guide. If your mechanic sees the need for replacement before the anticipated time, you should have them serviced to ensure you get the most out of your Audi engine. Delaying the replacement might cause costly damage to your engine with misfires, overheating and other problems in the engine bay.

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Maintaining the high performance, interior comforts, and reliability that comes with European vehicles require quality service. At EuroService Automotive, we Audi Oxygen Sensor Replacement believe that quality is just as important as the service itself when it comes to taking care of your European car.

If your Audi is experiencing oxygen sensor failure and you live around Bristow, Gainesville, Haymarket, Manassas, Or Warrenton, VA, contact Euro Service Automotive. Our ASE-certified mechanics understand that each make and model has unique service requirements for optimum performance.

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