Import Cars Are Great!

Owning an imported car can bring a little piece of Europe to your life.  These cars–including, but not limited to the Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, and Land Rover brands–are luxurious.  They offer the comfort, performance, and style of Europe without you even having to leave town.  They do, however, need service and occasional repairs from an automotive shop that understands the uniqueness of these imports.  For assistance with your personal slice of Europe, schedule an appointment with EuroService Automotive in Warrenton, Virginia.

Maintenance and Repairs

Perhaps you own an Italian car (Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, and Fiat), a German auto (Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen,and Opel), or an English ride (Aston Martin, Jaguar, and Bentley), or a lesser known European brand.  Regardless of your preference, you want to be sure your car is properly maintained and reliably repaired when there’s a problem.  We’re here to help, and we understand the specifics for your car.  For example, we can assist with routine maintenance such as oil changes.  Many European imports are designed to go longer between oil changes than domestic models, particularly if you use full synthetic oil (more expensive at the point of purchase, but comparable or less expensive in the long run because of the extended time between oil changes).  Our ASE certified technicians will work with you according to manufacturer’s recommendations to develop an appropriate schedule.  Also, many of the replacement parts are manufacturer specific, impacting the places that can or will repair your car.  While European import dealerships are great, they can be rather pricey when it comes to service and repair.  Further, the relevant dealer is likely some distance away, not just down the street.

An Auto Shop for Your European Import–On Your Doorstep

EuroService Automotive is your European import expert and dealership alternative in the Warrenton, Virginia, area.  Our customer care and mechanical know-how mean that you have a great vehicle service provider just down the street.  We are not only familiar with your car, but we are also knowledgeable about some of the most commonly reported issues with particular import models, saving you time and money should you need a repair.  Call us or drop by today.  We look forward to serving you–and your auto!

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