For Jaguars to perform optimally, routine maintenance and efficient repairs are necessary. One of those parts that would affect the performance of your Jaguar when it fails is the air suspension. When your Jaguar experiences air suspension failure, it reduces the performance of your car drastically and makes it difficult for you to drive.

This fault is most noticeable when you try to take sharp corners while driving or when you try to make your Jaguar outperform itself by operating at high speed. Unfortunately, most people don’t know how important the air suspension is, what causes it to fail, and the signs to look out for in case it fails. This article will go into brief details of all you need to know about air suspension.

What is the air suspension?

Air suspensions are systems controlled by pressurized air. This system has many important parts, and if one component malfunctions, the air suspension may become defective.

The major components of the air suspension are the air compressor and airbags. Air suspensions use the air compressor to pump pressurized air into the airbags, which helps to elevate your Jaguar from the ground. If there’s a leak in the airbags or a malfunction in the air compressor, the air suspension will fail.

You might entertain the idea of driving in a car with a faulty suspension, but it is risky. Therefore, report any of the signs listed below to a professional mechanic and have them check it out immediately upon noticing something wrong.

Look for These Signs

Paying attention to your car is the first step of maintenance, and it becomes easy to notice a problem in your vehicle. Look for these signs:

  • Low riding suspension:The air suspension has an airbag, and if there is a leakage in it, the sac will hold less air than designed. The air suspension, in turn, will not be able to perform its job; hence, it’ll sit visibly lower to the ground.
  • Reduced performance: When the air suspension fails, riding in your Jaguar becomes uncomfortable and bumpy. You will no longer enjoy smooth rides due to the lack of air suspension to cushion you from bumps and road imperfections.
  • Strange sound after turning off the car: The air compressor of your Jaguar functions even after you turn it off. However, you’ll hear a continuous sound if the airbag leaks and the air compressor is in distress.

What causes air suspension failure?

There are two common causes of air suspension failure in your Jaguar:

  • Failure of air compressor: The air suspension in your Jaguar is similar to an air-conditioning unit in the sense that they both possess an air compressor. The air compressor is a small motorized device that pushes air into the suspension airbags that lifts your Jaguar. When it becomes damaged, usually from wear and tear, the airbags will not fill optimally.
  • Airbag leakage: The airbags that keep the air for air suspension can start leaking. As a result, the airbag cannot be filled appropriately. When there’s an airbag leakage, your Jaguar will become uneven, raised on one side without the other side able to inflate.

Preventing these things from happening might seem like an arduous task, but by consulting Jaguar specialists for maintenance and repair, you’ll always be one step ahead of any fault.

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