Your choice of a reliable luxury car brand is quite understandable, but it means your Mercedes will require regular care and maintenance to keep it running at its optimum conditions. Adequate care will also give your car a good resale value and cause you to spend less on repairs and other running costs.

A Mercedes service care plan will help you save on the cost of important services. The benefits include:

  • Guaranteed price: You have a guaranteed price for a certain amount of services which includes parts and labor costs, so there is no fear of a hike in price.
  • Comprehensive cover: The service care plan usually covers the labor for several services in addition to the parts with recommendations on items like wiper fluid and brake fluid.
  • Transferable plans: Your service care plan usually gives you the power to pass on your unused services to a new owner so you don’t have to lose your money.
  • Location: Your service care plan is not limited to a particular location. For most companies that provide it, you can go to any of their shop locations for your auto servicing.

How To Care For Your Mercedes

There are several ways to care for your vehicle which usually involves a DIY routine, but there are some that require the attention of trained mechanics. Let’s take a look at the more basic ways you can care for your Mercedes at home:

  • Adhere to the service schedule: Ignoring the service schedule of your Mercedes which is usually designed by the manufacturer can lead to bigger problems in the future. There has to be a regular change of brake pads, topping of fluids, etc. Adhering to the service schedule keeps the car in optimum condition for a very long time.
  • Check the oil regularly: When your vehicle lacks the right type and amount of oil, there is going to be increased wear and tear of most moving parts of the car, especially the engines. This is because the oil is essential for the lubrication of those parts. A dry oil will send you to the mechanic before you can blink and make you spend far more than you would have spent on just a routine oil topping.
  • Check the coolant level regularly: When the coolant level is low, you run the risk of overheating and damaging the head gasket and thus, destroying the engine block. This is because the coolant helps to carry heat from the engine to the radiator where the heat is stripped from it.
  • Check the windshield washer fluid: A regular inspection of the wiper fluid is good for your Mercedes. Make sure the fluid is always topped with the appropriate type. This helps prevent quick damage to the windshield from dust and other particles.
  • Tire inspection: This is very important, as a damaged tire could lead to serious safety hazards. Ensure to always inspect the tire for wear and take it to your auto repairs shop regularly. The tire pressure is also very important as very low pressure can lead to increased fuel consumption and high pressure can easily lead to a tire puncture.
  • Regular washing and cleaning: Just like your body, your car also needs regular washing as dust, dirt, salt, and so on can easily accumulate on the body of your car, corrode the paint layer and make the car appear dull. It is also recommended to wax your car every few months to reduce the constant corrosion.
  • Have repairs performed at our reliable auto repair shop: A regular quick stop with an auto repair shop dealing on Mercedes will save you quite a lot of trouble. You will be assured of proper inspection for every part of your car thereby increasing its longevity.

Euroservice Automotive for your Mercedes Service Care Plan

For your service care plan, your Mercedes needs a Mercedes Oil Change reliable service company that puts your interest at heart. Euroservice Automotive brings you the best of ASE-certified mechanics with experience and understanding of your car model. We also service other car brands for full customer satisfaction.

We are located conveniently for customers in Bristow, Gainesville, Haymarket, Manassas, and Warrenton, VA, where we serve you with commitment and care. Call us now at (540) 347-9800 to know more about our service plans and make an appointment.

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