Brake Repair

Brake Repair in Warrenton, VA

Essential Services for Euro Imports

When you chose your import, chances are performance, luxury and speed were top priorities. Safety may have also been up there, and under that umbrella are brakes and your vehicle’s braking system. Not all driving is at Autobahn speeds. You need to be able to bring your car to a safe stop as well. Don’t worry, of all the systems on your vehicle, the brakes are the most vocal if there is a problem. Have your brakes begun making noise when you engage them? This could mean the brake pads are worn. If your vehicle shudders even slightly during braking, that could also be an indication of poor brake condition. If the pads are worn, the brakes will not be able to gain any traction, and they will stutter along, causing your vehicle to shake. If you have any concerns about your brake health, call (540) 347-9800 to speak to one of our technicians or use our online booking system to make an appointment today.

What to Expect

Unless you happen to have a hydraulic lift in your garage, you won’t be able to get a good look at the condition of your brakes. Sometimes a shuddering sensation or a faint squealing while you brake are the only indications that your brake health is deteriorating. Our ASE certified technicians are equipped with the technology and the training to accurately assess your brakes’ condition. Whether you have come in because you have noticed reducing braking power or the brake assessment is part of a routine check-up, our technicians will inspect your vehicle, let you know the condition of your brakes, and give you various options for repair and maintenance to suit your needs.

Brake Condition and Driver Conditioning

The way you drive your vehicle directly affects the condition and longevity of your brakes. Here are some tips for driving that will cause the least amount of stress for your brakes.

Don’t Tailgate

The distance between the front of your vehicle and the car in front of you should increase with your speed. Give yourself enough room that if the driver in front of you pulls a dangerous maneuver or stops unexpectedly, you aren’t forced into an emergency brake.

Brake Gently

Following on our first tip, leaving enough room means you can brake well ahead of time instead of slamming on the brakes with only a few yards before that stoplight. Making turns at slower speeds also puts less stress on your brakes.

Don’t Ride the Brakes

If you and your import spend most of your time on a daily commute, odds are you are in traffic. We know the stop-and-go too well! If you’re inching along I-66, you may keep your foot hovering above the brake as you approach the vehicle in front of you. Make sure you aren’t actually engaging the brake though. Even a very light pressure on the pedal could mean your brakes and brake pads come into contact while you are still coasting, and that spinning contact would cause your brakes to wear sooner.

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